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Antonio Lai, award-winning mixologist from Hong Kong, is inspiring once again with VEA Lounge. Teaming up with Amir Javaid from the UK, another marriage of food and beverages takes place. This dynamic duo delivers a densely packed punch on the list of near 20 signature cocktails inspired by the cuisine and techniques of Asia and other parts of the world, as well as the art of deconstruction and reconstruction. Asian style snacks by Michelin-starred Chef Vicky Cheng are also made available to accompany each beverage.

The results include the visually stunning Cleopatra Formosa – a combination of Absolut Elyx vodka, clarified pineapple and star anise syrup, fresh lime, and smoky mezcal in a golden pineapple, which is of large significance in Chinese cultural celebrations. On the other end, stands cocktails under "Classics Reimagined", a theme that resonates strongly with our philosophy with a sustainability focus. The aromatic Full Circle is a twist to the classic Mai Tai, using coffee grounds re-distilled run, clarified pineapple, smoked peach liqueur, lime, coffee “paint”, almond perfume and pineapple leather.

Another highlight is the Spiritfree cocktails, making the experience at VEA Lounge a truly exceptional one for all – with or without alcohol served. By skilled bartenders applying the same technique, care and quality that goes into each one of the drinks, no longer is it an embarrassing "mockery" to order mocktails, or "virgin" drinks that denote sticky sweet mixes of synthetic syrups. Wondering what to order already? Check out the earthy, citrusy English Garden, composed of hay-smoked rhubarb, distilled peach tea, lemon, pickled carrot and Seedlip Garden 108, and served with a glass straw – a vital step towards eliminating the use of single-use plastic.

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5-8pm Daily, selected Food & Beverages at 20% Off

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