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Antonio Lai, award-winning mixologist from Hong Kong, is inspiring once again with VEA Lounge. Teaming up with Kirill Runkov the botanical poet, this dynamic duo delivers a densely packed punch on the list of near 20 signature cocktails served in four categories — Sweet, Savory  Sour, and Strong, inspired by the cuisine and techniques of Europe and Asia, as well as the art of deconstruction and reconstruction. 

The results include the visually stunning Cleopatra Formosa – a combination of Absolut Elyx vodka, clarified pineapple and star anise syrup, fresh lime, and smoky mezcal in a golden pineapple, which is of large significance in Chinese cultural celebrations. On the other end, stands the Blood Wedding – a dark and sultry take on the savoury classic with Absolut vodka, Lapsang Souchong tea infused into a scrumptious roasted tomato puree, accented by the juices of striking Chinese mustard from the street markets of Hong Kong.

Not forgetting the comforts of good old classics, savour the sublime Bone Marrow Old Fashioned – with bone marrow fat-washed bourbon, rich simple syrup and aromatic bitters. The verdict: a seductively silky indulgence for any time of the day.

- Sunset On The Balcony -
5-8pm Daily, selected Food & Beverages at Happy Hour price

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