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About the Restaurant

Featuring 25 counter seats that run along the length of our open kitchen, guests are provided with an intimate dining experience. From the synergy of a close-knit team to the delicate finishing touches of your dishes, there is never a dull moment in view. Let our chefs, bartenders, and sommeliers bring you on a journey through VEA’s kaleidoscope of flavours, as they lovingly describe each dish and cocktail or wine pairing with you.

Alternatively, a small number of cosy tables are also available. Seating up to four guests each, offering an unparalleled dining experience away from the colourful bustle of the kitchen.

At VEA Restaurant, we aim to seamlessly weave the tapestries of a wonderful dining experience with the savouring of expertly crafted cocktails for your enjoyment. This is the meeting point of two dedicated craftsmen, in one gastronomic experience, supported by one team, one dream. We look forward to serving you!

V30_Silver Pomfret with Sichuan Chili Oil and Fermented Cabbage