Vicky Cheng, Executive Chef

Born in Hong Kong and raised under Western influences, Chef Vicky Cheng started off as a young chef classically trained under some of the most highly revered and respected French chefs, including Daniel Boulud of the Michelin-starred Restaurant Daniel in New York, to acquire knowledge and principles that laid foundation for the culinary excellence he excels at VEA restaurant and Lounge today.

Cheng embraces his Asian roots and heritage. In an inventive approach, he combines French gastronomic techniques of great precision and finesse, with emphasis on the use of fresh, authentic and seasonal products from around the world -Asia in particular. At VEA Restaurant, the meticulously crafted tasting menu centres around a unique culinary philosophy - when ingredients exude a nostalgic appeal to local Hong Kong diners, flavours and presentations may be a new discovery to foreign palates.

"I want to be more than just a good chef in Hong Kong cooking French food. Instead, I want to be a Hong Kong chef, cooking French food that I relate to my Hong Kong roots and heritage: Chinese x French," Cheng says.

With Chef Vicky Cheng at the helm, VEA restaurant & Lounge has earned multiple awards shortly after its opening in 2016, including the first Michelin star, SCMP Top 100 Tables, and CNN Hong Kong's Best New Restaurants.

Vicky Cheng signature
Vicky Cheng Portrait